We Implement Your Delicious Dreams. Shan Sweets & Bakers, We bake all the products with Delicious taste and Quality

Fresh bread and rolls

Making bread requires care, technical knowledge and a great deal of commitment. At Shan Sweets & Bakers we produce a variety of different breads to suit all tastes, from traditional white and wholemeal loaves to sourdough’s and specialty breads including our bestselling Multi-seed and Norfolk Crunch. All our breads and rolls are made with strong flours milled the traditional way from English wheat.


Create Perfect Memories & Send Birthday Cakes and Wishes - Just when you thought that there is no such thing as perfect as a birthday cakes, we came up with these mouth-melting cakes being served as the chosen dessert for the birthday honoree. It is time you burst out the balloons and get the party started. We have both personalized and custom-made birthday cakes for a perfect fit with best wishes..

Donuts and sweet snacks

Satisfy your hunger with one of Dunking Donuts delicious Bakery & Snack items from Shan Sweets & Bakers. From delicious muffins to tasty bagels, there's a favorite for everyone!