About Shan Sweets

Shan Sweets & Bakers.

Journey from lord Bakers Murree road Rawalpindi to Shan Sweets & Bakers

Journey Started from 1958. My Father Mr Saith Alla Deta Saab started his journey and left their Home Village in young age. He had passion and interest to do work. He turn to Murree, Our father’s Uncle live there and had their own shop of Bakers. Uncle offered to Mr saith to work in his shop. Mr Saith had interest to learn so because of the interest and passion he started working in his Uncles shop. after some time he make the home in his Uncles heart just because of Interest and passion. After that he have a wish to make his own Bakers Shop and came to Rawalpindi.
In 1965 his started his Own Shop in Rawalpindi with name of Lords Bakers. And with the blessing of Allah and Prayers of Parents Business started growing day by day. And Allah blessed Mr Saith with Success and Halal Rizq.
After 30 years of success of Lord Bakers Rawalpindi he moved back to his home village because of his weak health. Then he lived some time in his home village and then he advice his sons to continue the Bakers business which he started. And the Sons obeyed the advice of Mr Alla Deta and growing the business of his father to the success with the name of Shan Sweets & Bakers in Bhimber Azad Kashmir. With Allah Blessings and the prayers of Parents and the Prayers of Guider (Murshad) Ghamkol Sharif our Shan Sweets & Bakers is getting success day by day. Quality and Taste were our high Priority and as far. .