CEO Mr Saith All Deta

Mr Saith Alla Deta Butt is CEO and Founder of Shan Sweets & Bakers. He started his journey of life and Success in 1958. Mr Saith belongs to Gujarat and for work he left his home village and went to Murree and started working in a Bakery shop of his Dear Uncle....

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Call us +23 344 554 766

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Our Tasty Sweets & Bakes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with most of delicious sweets at . Including cake, cookies, ice cream and sweets Whether you feel a need of a spectacular birthday cake or a simple Oreo madness, this collection of Sweets and Bakes is just for you. It also includes Jalebi Recipe, Gajar ki kher, Akhroti Halwa, Russian Salad, Mithai, cookies, muffins, slices, cakes and much more.

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Chocolate Cake

The Quality and Variety of Cakes, We Serve Different Flavors of Desserts and Our Customers are Satisfied and Likes.

Nut Cake

Designer Cakes By Shan Sweets & Bakes Are Created To Your Specific Requirements - From Your Own Choice Of Flavor Combinations, Shapes, Sizes and Colors.